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This week we pray for our local missions partner Sanctuary Youth Centre.  Based in the basement of Church of Our Lord in downtown Victoria, they provide a safe place for some of the most vulnerable people in our city - street entrenched and at-risk youth between the ages of 14 and 22.

Sanctuary reports many things for which we praise God, and of course needs for which we continue to join them in prayer.


Sanctuary’s Christmas Party and Backpack Giveaway took place on December 16th. 24 youth attended the event, choosing from backpacks, hoodies, gift cards and personal items.  Over the course of the weekend Sanctuary was able to give out 34 backpacks. Thanks for God’s provision - with these gifts comes knowledge that these youth are not forgotten, and the work we do is supported by a community far larger than we can ever imagine.

We had over 3615 visits in 2022 (a 49% increase from 2021), so Sanctuary’s space has had a bit of a workout. We are so thankful for the contribution of time and workers over the Christmas closure to refresh our centre with new chairs, paint, accessories, new lights in the bathroom, and a repaired kitchen floor after a leak.

We are so thankful for our new bookkeeper who has joined the team replacing our retiree.

Praise God for two youth who recently vowed to stay off hard drugs (in tears) seeing the devastating effects the same drugs are having on their peers

Prayer Requests:

We need:

  • One or two key individuals to provide relief for Bella in running the Drop In program as we require at least one female on site.
  • Volunteers to prepare meals or bake treats.
  • Volunteers to paint the ceiling in the main room.

We pray for Darin’s health as he has had some concerns since Christmas.  Darin is Executive Director of Sanctuary Youth and a “Lambrick-er”.

We also pray for youth who want to change their habits, for parents who ache, and for staff to keep healthy and energized.