Darin has worked with youth the majority of his career. 

For 5 years he worked with Filipino youth at a predominantly Filipino church and in a Chinese church in Victoria; he gave oversight to the youth ministry for a little more than 7 years.

Now he has given himself to working with vulnerable youth of Victoria through Sanctuary Youth Centre.  Since 2014, Darin has been in the role of Executive Director at Cornerstone Youth Society/Sanctuary Youth Center.  The Center has been in existence since 2004 and since then has seen well over 30,000 visits of vulnerable youth. 

Darin has been married to Cora for 25 years and they have three daughters. His oldest daughter, Kayla, works part time alongside Darin at the Centre. Darin's hobbies include carpentry and hiking. Darin has also traveled to the Philippines on numerous occasions to do relief and development work. 

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