Our children are a precious gift from God. We love and cherish them, and our KidMin team works hard to create safe spaces for your children to come each week. Our prayer is that each child who walks through the doors would find a space where they feel welcome, where they make new friends and where they would engage with the Good News of Jesus found in the pages of scripture. 

Each Sunday after you've checked your children in at the KidCheck station in the Commons, you'll head into the service to worship together as a family. From there, your children will be dismissed to their own special time of learning and fun. 


The Stay Care areas (Office and Commons) are available throughout the service and provide an environment for parents to stay and care for their children and still listen to the worship service. We have closed circuit TV screens in both of these areas for your convenience.  We also offer a private area, if you prefer, for nursing or if your little one needs a less stimulating place to nap, where you can still listen to the service.

Kidcare (0-3)

Available every Sunday, this is a safe and friendly supervised play area for children 3 years old and under. We also provide a closed circuit TV screen in this room so parents and staff can still listen to the service.

The Gospel Project

All of our children from kindergarten up to Grade 5 have started in on a three year journey through the Bible with a curriculum called "The Gospel Project". TGP teaches all of our kids the BIG picture of the Bible - God's redemptive plan for His creation since before the beginning of time! Every single story in both the Old Testament and the New points us to Jesus in some way. 

Preschool (Ages 3-5)

Our preschool kids have their own program, with storytime and lots of playtime.  They follow a modified version of the Gospel Project, being introduced to key elements of the Old Testament and spending lots of time getting to know Jesus through the Gospels.   When weather allows, they also get to spend sometime playing outside on a preschool playground!

Kids (K to grade 5)

Our Big Kids start our time together in the cafe each morning with a small group - big group - small group format, exploring the Bible through a variety of learning styles.  They start with a time of getting to know the other kids their age, getting some wiggles out, and a silly introduction to that morning's passage.  Then they all join together for the Kids' Sermon, a time to dive deeper into the passage and the theology we learn from it.  For the rest of the service, the kids will again split into small groups where they can participate in activities that will help them process the key points their learned during the Kids' Sermon.


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