As we are sure you know, our life as a church is sustained by the faithful and generous contributions of many, and we don't take this for granted.  We are grateful for the trust many have put in us, and we are committed to using all that is given in ways that faithfully sustain Lambrick and support the ministry of the gospel in our world. 


There are lots of ways to give financially at Lambrick.



is our preferred method, as this reduces the expense of transaction fees, and allows us to plan ahead.
To set-up regular donations, email the Pre-Authorized Payment Form to [email protected] or return it to the LPC office in person.

Pre-authorized Payment Form

Request Offering Envelopes

If you'd like Offering Envelopes, please fill out the e-form below with your full name, email and your address and phone number, and we will be in touch as soon as we can. Thank you!