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Sanctuary Youth Centre's vision and mission is to see all Youth living healthy and fulfilling lives based on John 10:10 where Jesus said, 'I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.'

We are located in the basement of Church of Our Lord and provide a safe place for vulnerable youth of Victoria to dwell, receive immediate needs and interaction and assessment for future referrals and relationships.

On Friday, Saturday and Sundays, youth come for a safe place to be off the street and in the process get to know the staff and volunteers including potential mentors. There are approximately 3000 visits per year from 200 different youth living in our region. There are no other agencies offering these services at these times of the day/week. Earlier in the year, Sanctuary doubled the opening hours. During Covid, numbers of youth are restricted to provide a safe environment for all; making the extension of our drop in hours even more important.

Extensive research by homelessness and youth agencies shows that the number one precursor to youth avoiding long-term homelessness is when they find consistent, mature emotional support. SYC aims to come alongside youth so that they can more successfully gain independence, access housing, and live in a safe community.

Pray for Sanctuary Youth Centre
Please pray for the Grace of God to be evident in all we do to care for the needs of vulnerable youth of Victoria.
Please pray for our staff and volunteers to have the emotional and spiritual strength to serve this population faithfully and compassionately.
Please pray that our efforts result in youth exiting street life and that they find belonging and meaning and purpose in life through relationship with the Christian community we aim to provide.
And finally please pray for the capacity to grow as an organization such that we may be able to open more and provide more creative programming.