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Finding student housing this year is especially tricky. UVic has knocked down a few of their old resident housing buildings in order to build new ones and we've found that many students, and even first years, haven't had success in the lottery to secure a place in residence.

Although we do have a bulletin board in our church building where we would normally be happy to post housing requests, our in-person services aren't resuming until September, so the physical board isn't currently getting the foot traffic to make this helpful.

One of the best resources I can suggest is Facebook! 

Mainly the Facebook page: "Victoria Christian Community House postings" as well as "Young Adults at Lambrick"
The best option is to either post about your housing search and see if anyone gets back to you, or to keep an eye on the pages to see if there are any posts about room availabilities! 

Other Facebook pages like "Victoria Housing Rentals," or even Facebook Market place and Craigslist may be useful as well, but it might be harder to find fellow Christian roommates, unless you already have a group of friends looking for housing together.

Wishing you all the very best with your search!