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We are so excited that we are going to be back in the Lambrick Park Church building again, worshipping together from September 5.

We realize that in some ways, church now is going to look a little bit different than the last time we were together.

On this page, we are going to outline what to expect, practically, at an in-person service.


  1. Do I have to wear a mask? - For the safety and wellbeing of others, we require those that are able to wear masks to do so, even if you are double vaccinated. You can of course remove it briefly to take communion, sip your coffee, or to introduce yourself to someone reliant on lip reading. Note: During the week, the Lambrick building is considered a public space, so wearing a mask is a provincial requirement.
  2. Do I have to register? - No. There is currently no capacity on gatherings, so we don’t need to ask for pre-registration. We do encourage you to Check In using our Church Center App when you get to church, for easy contact tracing in the event of a Covid outbreak. However, this is optional.
  3. What about a vaccination passport? - No. We do support getting the vaccine if you can, but we believe that a gathering to worship Jesus must be open to all. This is part of the the reason why we chose not to resume in person gatherings until capacity restrictions were lifted. The province has not asked places of worship to ask for proof of vaccination, so you don’t need to bring that with you.
  4. Do we have to socially distance? Again, we strongly encourage this. Social distancing is an effective way of stopping the spread of Covid-19. Please be aware that there are many in our community for whom hugs and handshakes cause stress and anxiety at the moment, so try to find other non-contact ways to show fellowship. But if you feel led to lay a hand on someone’s shoulder to pray for or comfort them, we bless you to do so - just check they're ok with this first.
  5. Can we sing? - Yes! But please keep your mask on.
  6. Will there be coffee? - Not for the time being. If you need refreshments to remain comfortable in the service, please bring those with you for now.
  7. What about kids ministry? - Kids ministry is currently operating in person AND online (yes, our children's pastor is a superstar). If you're new with us, our practice is for the kids to join the big service for the start of the service before heading off to their own classes. Visit our kids page or contact for more info.
  8. I can’t make it! Do I have to miss church? - No! We will be live-streaming the service, starting at 10AM on our Youtube channel and at . If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, for the wellbeing of our church family, we ask that you join us via livestream until you are feeling better and have had a negative test.

Get in touch

If you have any questions that we haven't answered here, please drop us an email and we'd be happy to help!

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