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As we gear up to meeting in person again, we know that it takes many hands to make a Sunday service happen. Serving alongside someone on a team is also a great way to connect and form friendships!

There are currently a few of our ministries in particular that are looking for people to fill specific roles:

  • Kids ministry group leaders and assistants
  • Worship tech team (video, sound and media)
  • ELL teachers and assistants - especially for our Monday morning drop in
  • Preppers and servers for the monthly Agape Meal at the Mustard Seed
  • Young adults Alpha volunteers - general helpers and meal preppers

Also, we know that over the last year, many of us will have dreamed dreams for Lambrick, honed new skills and talents - maybe you have joined our community in this season and haven't yet experienced a Sunday service!

If you would like to belong to an established ministry team, or if you are praying about a way to serve our church in a way that we haven't thought of yet, please let us know, and we would love to connect!