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We want to create a space to share a monthly meal together and get to know people in our church more deeply. Plain and simple. Like a family - bumps and all!


Have a think about how you could participate in our church family meal - bring some soup or buns, wash some dishes, wipe some tables. Many hands make light work!


Head on over to the cafe after the service has finished, and enjoy a time of food and fellowship together.


Some Practical Things:

  • Is this a young adults thing? - No! Everyone is welcome! All the generations enjoying each other's company is our goal.

  • Bringing soup - we would love as many people as possible to bring soup to share! We recommend bringing it in a crock pot, that is labelled with your name and the type of soup you've brought. When you get to church in the morning, plug your crockpot in in the kitchenette in the cafe.

  • Like a family, we set up and take down together. Please be prepared to put your own dirty dishes in the designated spot, put away your chair, and keep an eye out for anyone needing help.

  • Dietary requirements - if you have a great soup recipe that is dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian etc., please label it so that those who have those requirements know which soup they can enjoy. In the same way, please be mindful of labelling when your soup has a common allergen (e.g. contains peanuts)

  • I can't make soup - can I still come? - Of course!! Bring something else to share if you can (buns, cookies, cream cheese....) - and if you can't, come anyway! If you're bringing something else, please put it in the fridge in the cafe kitchenette.

  • This sounds chaotic... - It might be! But what family isn't? Let's just all pitch in together