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Luke Rosenberg is part of our team heading to Moldova this summer.

If you don't know Luke, he's had a beard for the last decade. He loves it. His wife has never seen his chin.

And yet, he is willing to put it all on the line for the cause of going to Moldova this summer!

The premise is simple. Between May 11 and the Sunday before the team leaves (about 10 weeks), Luke will not trim his beard.

If you would like to see Luke SAVE his beard, so go to Moldova in the height of summer looking like Gandalf's younger brother - donate to the SAVE IT fund.

If you would like to see Luke SHAVE his beard - bearing in mind, after ten years, he will certainly have a beard-shaped tan line - donate to the SHAVE IT fund.

Whichever fund has raised the most money by the team's commissioning Sunday (exact date TBC) will determine the fate of Luke's face.

Click here to find out more about our trip to Moldova, and other upcoming associated events

Ways to Give

You can give directly to the fund of your choice via the QR codes in the graphic, or the buttons in the header of this event.

Alternatively, cash or cheque in a labelled envelope, or e-transfer with which fund you'd like to give to in the 'note' section to . These are the best options because they are fee-free to Lambrick so 100% of the money goes to the team.

In the interest of transparency: All funds donated to ‘Moldova Team’ support the team as a whole. Funds directed to an individual remain with the group, even if that individual is unable to participate. If this trip is cancelled for any reason, all donated funds will be retained by Lambrick Park Church, and used for another trip (if rescheduled) or for another missional purpose. If funds are raised beyond the target, Lambrick reserves the right to repurpose them to the most appropriate missional purpose. Final authority for the repurposing of funds rests solely with Lambrick’s Board of Elders. Such decisions will be made with prayerful discretion, and transparency. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask, or to contact the church office.