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This week we pray for a local mission – Sanctuary Youth Centre.  
Sanctuary Youth is a drop-in centre for street entrenched and at-risk youth between the ages of 14 and 22. Sanctuary is located in Church of Our Lord and serves as a safe place for some of the most vulnerable people in our city.


We join Sanctuary Youth in praise for:

  • Additional staff that have joined Sanctuary in the last months and for how the team is working well together
  • Additional funds: a grant received recently has enabled them to offer more services to the youth.

 We pray for:

  •  Wisdom to utilize the staff and new funds in the best ways possible.
  • The development of a “next steps” for youth with addictions.  The program will provide extra support for youth who are desiring real change and are learning to live independently and drug free. We pray for the right people to consult with and the best resources to help build this program, and that the right youth will enter the program at the right time.
  • Wisdom and resources to come alongside youth who currently have housing, but need assistance to become good responsible tenants and roommates.
  • Mentors to develop healthy relationships with individual young people and motivate and encourage them to exit street life or improve their trajectory. We pray for a specific young man in need of mentoring and healthy alternative activities. He is somewhat alone on the street and is ostracized by his friends. He would benefit greatly from tutoring for literacy and other programs including an exercise program. Pray for the right person to become a positive influence in his life.