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This week we pray for our local missions partner Sanctuary Youth Centre.  Based in the basement of Church of Our Lord in downtown Victoria they serve as a safe place for some of the most vulnerable people in our city - street entrenched and at-risk youth between the ages of 14 and 22.
Here are the latest items for prayer and praise from them:

"Sanctuary was able to open two additional days a week starting in May due to generous donations and grants.  Staff are using Wednesday and Thursdays to intentionally focus on wellness and community through conversations, providing safe places for positive changes and a weekly “family” dinner. 

We celebrate that two new staff members joined us in May: Ally to run the summer outreach programs, and Darryl, to help with drop-in, outreach and relationship building. 

Our Program Coordinator, Bella, has recently been given a clear bill of health after undergoing treatments for cancer.  We praise God for his hand in healing and providing doctors for her care. 

Pray for dedicated volunteers to step forward, as we have had to close the centre more often than we like due to low volunteer turnout. 

While we still have not resumed pre-covid numbers, we are seeing a steady increase of youth attending the centre, and receive, on average, 180 monthly visits from vulnerable youth.  We are seeing a new, younger cohort at the centre, and we are taking time to get to know them, their situations and needs.  We continue to see the negative impacts of mental health concerns in our youth, expressed in substance abuse, bad behaviour, poor choice making and self-destructive tendencies.  Unfortunately their behaviour (at times) spills out into public spaces and disturb our neighbours.  Pray for wisdom in dealing with the associated and unintended consequences of increased attendance and unknown triggers. 

We rejoice with the youth who are taking active steps to combat addiction and reclaim the trajectory of their lives. We mourn and hurt for those that cannot.

We know we cannot do this work alone, and covet your prayers and support."