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This week, we pray for our missions partners, Brent and Shelley who are based in Melbourne, Australia, and work to transmit shortwave and radio gospel broadcasts to listeners in the Asia Pacific region. They are sent by SonSet Solutions Canada to serve with Reach Beyond in Australia.

Earlier this year, Brent and Shelley were asked to consider moving from Melbourne to Kununurra to take on the broadcast engineering roles at the shortwave broadcast site. Following much prayer, discussions, and consultations, they've reached a decision, Lord willing, to move to Kununurra in 2024.

Please pray for them as they prepare to move and for listeners to the shortwave broadcasts – that people would come to know Jesus and be encouraged in their life of faith.

Please pray for Brent and Shelly as they are in Canada for a brief visit this November and will be joining us at Lambrick, this Sunday, November 26. 

To learn a bit more about their work, here is a brief video tour of the shortwave broadcast site in Kununurra published last year by Brent and Shelley.