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Inspired by God’s heart to give, each Advent at Lambrick we commit to give together to a need or opportunity related to one of our missional partners - locally or globally - or simply a need that we feel we can’t ignore. 

This year, we want to give our Advent Offering to support Beginning of Life (BoL) in Moldova by funding three children's summer camps and a retreat for single parents and their children. 

This past summer, a team of five people from Lambrick traveled to Moldova to see firsthand Beginning of Life and their ministry. The team arrived back with a very positive and encouraging report. 

Their holistic programs address prevention and restoration of victims of trafficking and abuse, young single mothers, and abandoned children. Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, they have been providing services to those seeking refuge in their country and are deeply committed to investing in God’s work to transform the nation through their many programs. 

This Advent, we are partnering with them to support two of their initiatives – a Single Mothers Summer Camp and the Kids Summer Day Camps Program.

Single Mothers Retreat

This camp was run pre-pandemic with great success and they are planning on running the camp again next year.  About 80 moms and 100 kids will come to a camp for 2-4 days. 

At the camp retreat, single mothers will have the opportunity to connect and pray for each other's needs.  This will undoubtedly create ‘heartfelt moments’ of support and unity. Their children will play engaging games and participate in facilitated discussions. 

Funds raised towards these efforts will go toward renting the camp base, food, transportation, and supplies they need.   

Kids Summer Day Camps

Summer day camps are outreach camps for kids ages 7-14. There will be three week-long camps, each designed for a specific age group with an expected attendance of about 30-50 kids each week. The kids will come to Beginning of Life's Urban Centre for activities during each camp.

To help support these two programs, our goal for the Advent Project is to raise $10,000. Funds raised beyond this amount will be directed to urgent Lambrick facility care, at the discretion of the Board. 

If you would like to help contribute to this year's Advent Project, please click the button below to view the various ways to give. 

To Give: Choose your favourite giving method and mention "Advent" or choose it from fund options (if available).

Find out more about the trip to Moldova and Beginning of Life here.

Beginning of Life, Moldova by Lambrick Park