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About Theology for 20-Somethings

Ideas matter. 
Though most Christians would not describe themselves as theologians, every Christian has thoughts about God and about God’s work in the world.  Which means every Christian is a theologian.  Because ‘theology’ means, literally, thoughts or words about God.   
And these thoughts and ideas shape our lives every day – inspiring, sustaining or undermining our life with God.   
Thankfully, Jesus knows this.   
Which is why the invitation of the gospel involves an summons to learn from Jesus.  This is essential to Christian discipleship – being with Jesus to learn from Jesus to live in Jesus.   
This fall study group will seek to contribute to this by working through Bruce Milne’s classic book, Know the Truth (3rd edition).  Born and trained in England, Milne was the lead pastor of First Baptist Church in Vancouver for decades.  His book explores the core biblical doctrines of Revelation, God, Humanity, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and the Last Things in a way that is accessible for those willing to engage.    
Each participant will be required to acquire the book and read the assigned sections for each session.  When we meet, we will reflect together on the readings we have done, exploring questions, implications, and letting this lead us into prayer.  This is not a class taught by Scott, but a book study led by Scott.   
If you are hungry to learn and grow with others,  
to deepen your theological framework,  
and to allow others to speak in your life with God,  
consider joining this study.   
every other Wednesday.
starting Sept 27th.  


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