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This season, we are inviting folks to gather with a few others to study The Deeply Formed Life by Rich Villodas. Scott will be releasing study guides to accompany the book. Click below to view the established groups and request to join them. If you would like to start a group of your own, and share it with others, please email

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The Christian life is not something we do alone.  We all need a band of companions along the way.  

Here at Lambrick, we want to be intentional about building community around the pursuit of life with God.  Over the years, we have made a big deal of gathering beyond Sunday in smaller huddles - homegroups, small groups, discipleship groups, etc.  The title doesn't matter; seeking and following Jesus in community is what matters.  

So, how do you want to lean into this at Lambrick?  

Here and there, groups come together organically - as friends simply reach out to one another and make something happen (i.e. inviting someone else or a few others to meet up regularly to study scripture, pray for one another and encourage one another in the journey). They also happen at key moments through a leadership initiative (a new teaching series that might be a great rallying point, etc).  Typically, this happens in the fall (and maybe winter).  Some groups always have an empty seat - so its worth asking.  As much as we might expect it, community isn't something that can be programmed - so we lean into this with patience, courage, humility and prayer.  

If you are hungry to enter into this with others and need some help, drop us a note (below) and we'll see what we can do to help you make a connection.

Also, join us for the next "Newcomer's Huddle" (a 30 minute post-service meet up).  It's a chance to meet some of our pastors and talk abit together about what's going on among us.


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