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Dear LPC Members,

On behalf of the Board of Elders, I’m writing to provide you with a brief update on LPC’s finances.

I’m sure you have noticed an increase in the messaging around giving during our Sunday services and with our weekly email announcements. While it’s true that our total projected giving is approximately $40,000 behind what we had budgeted for this point in the fiscal year (which goes from September to August), I want to assure you that the increased communication does NOT reflect an imminent crisis.

However, we are moving into the budget planning season for 2022-23 and we will soon be making our financial plan for the coming year using the best estimates of what our revenue and expenses will be. At the moment, it would seem that our giving pattern is less than we were counting on when we prepared last year’s budget and we will need to take this into account as we plan for the next fiscal year.  We will be committed as ever to only spending what we have and so we may need to find ways to reduce some of our expenses. Obviously, our deepest desire is to not disrupt the ministries of Lambrick.

I share this information with you as part of our commitment to be transparent about church finances. I also want to emphasize that this would be an important time for you to let us know if you plan to make any changes to your regular giving to LPC in the near future so that we can take this into account as we prepare the next budget. The best way to do this is to notify the church office by email at 

As always, thank you for being a part of Lambrick and caring about its financial health. If this message does nothing but prompt you to take a moment to pray for the finances at LPC, I will be grateful.

The Lord bless you and keep you.

Curtis Harder

Chair, LPC Board of Elders