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A few months have passed since the Black Lives Matter movement brought racism to the forefront of conversations across the world.

Last summer's protests and accompanying media attention may have subsided, but God's call for us as Christians to seek justice and correct oppression remains unchanged. Many of us have begun a prayerful process of asking 'How can I change my world for the better?' and 'How can I change my heart for the better?'.

If you have found yourself challenged with a desire for change, and long for others to journey with and language to express your heart, this group is for you!

If you are beginning or would like to begin this journey, Kenzie and Lucy invite you to Racism, Justice and Us - a seven-week group, looking at the sin of racial inequity and God's call to repentance.

The groups will be reflecting on the following resources:

  • 'Black Lives Matter: Is the Church Complicit?' - a panel interview of Black pastors and theologians from the UK and US
  • Be the Bridge 101 - a curriculum designed for local churches, that helps articulate what it means to be white, and explore ways that our church is shaped by our culture, rather than the gospel

This won't be a seminar led by 'experts', or a place to debate, but rather a group of friends in fellowship, opening our hearts to God's call to seek justice - specifically against the injustice of white supremacy.