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Today we pray for The Mustard Seed, our partner in downtown Victoria, fighting hunger and restoring faith to people living in Greater Victoria. Their largely community funded services include:

Here is an update from the Mustard Seed: 

"We offer continued praise and thanksgiving for the remarkable speed at which the Mustard Seed Street Church has been recovering from the fire just a few weeks ago. The Food Bank Market and the kitchen reopened last week, although work is still going on to restore the chapel area indoors. 

We give thanks for the staff and volunteers who kept services going during this time and the many outside individuals and organizations who helped in so many ways. 

We are also thankful that our Hope Farm recovery facility near Duncan is coming closer to becoming an in-patient facility again... and it's planting season, so please pray that the staff there will have enough hands to get the crop into the ground.

Thanks so much for your partnership with us and your continued prayer support."