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Today we pray for our Missions partner Mahima Homes in Kolkata, India. Mahima offers safety and security to girls and children rescued from abusive circumstances.  They provide after care facilities for survivors, awareness and prevention to counter sex trafficking and child sexual abuse, a drop in centre for children and women, and training and capacity building to enhance the the skills and knowledge of partner organizations and stakeholders.

Here are some items for which they are requesting prayer right now.  

1. Pray for 15 newly placed beneficiaries into our homes in December. Pray for their transition and for our team.

2. Pray for the 10 beneficiaries that have been restored to their families.

3. Pray for all of our beneficiaries as they all passed exams at the end of last year and are moving into new grades and in some cases new schools.

4. Continue to pray for the ongoing advocacy process for a number of our beneficiaries. They have court procedures ongoing to bring to justice those who have hurt them in the past.