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This week, we pray for our missions partners, Brent and Shelley who are based in Melbourne Australia and work to transmit shortwave and radio gospel broadcasts to listeners in the Asia Pacific region. They are sent by SonSet solutions Canada to serve with Reach Beyond in Australia.

Brent and Shelley are now back at the Reach Beyond shortwave broadcast site in Kununurra, Western Australia, for the third time in six months. The previous missionary broadcast engineer, who has served there for over 12 years, has not been able to renew his working visa, so Brent and Shelly are helping fill that gap at the broadcast site. Thankfully, Nic, the new site manager, also has a wealth of electrical, electronics and even radio experience!
  • Please pray for Nic, Shelley and Brent as they share the load of operating and maintaining the broadcast site, sharing the Message of Hope in Jesus via shortwave radio to people throughout Asia.
  • Please pray for people like a Tamil listener from India, who recently shared that he was losing hope, but he heard a song and message on the radio teaching him to cast all his burdens on Jesus.
  • Praise God for a good report on Shelley’s most recent visit to the Eye and Ear Hospital in December. They’ve extended the time between appointments from 3 to 6 months!
  • Pray for safety working in monsoon season. Brent says:
So far we had been able to drive to the transmitter site but that has changed this week and the road is no longer passable - and there’s still lots of rain to come. Tomorrow morning, we’ll confer with Tom, our gardening and maintenance guy, drive out to check the level again, and may be calling upon a more experienced boater from the Anglican church in town to see if we should give the tinny (with outboard motor) a run across. There’s a 6 wheel ATV in a Sea Container stored at higher ground on the other side to then run out to the transmitter site.
The transmitters have been behaving nicely, so praying they do so again tonight.

Check out this video from Brent to see the level of flooding they are dealing with!