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Today we pray for Brent and Shelley Weeks our missionaries in Melbourne, Australia who transmit shortwave and radio broadcasts in many languages to tell listeners in the Asia Pacific region about Jesus. Brent and Shelley are sent by SonSet solutions Canada, and are serving with Reach Beyond in Australia.

Praise and Prayer Points:

  • English still forms a small but important part of our international broadcasts. Samantha, one of our English program producers, recently lost her husband to COVID. She's not only grieving the loss of her life partner, but he was also the technical producer for her Psalms of Hope program. Please pray for her as she picks up the pieces and tries to move forward.
  • A Farsi group has recently started using our studios for an online radio stream. They're gradually coming up to speed recording and producing content. Please pray for Nahid, the executive producer, as she coordinates this volunteer group. Pray that they would have the time, energy and creativity to make compelling programming that will draw many to Jesus.
  • Shelley continues her medical journey with IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension). She's getting close to the goal of losing 15% of her body weight as prescribed by the neuro ophthalmologist back in June. She sees him again in January to check if this has reduced the swelling of the optic nerves.
  • We had planned to make an extended trip in 2021 to Kununurra (site of the broadcast facility with the transmitter building, towers and antennas) to provide backup and tech support. Between COVID-related travel restrictions within Australia and Shelley's medical journey, this needed to be postponed multiple times. We are now hoping to finally make the trip early in 2022.
  • Our sons:
    • Nelson recently obtained a heavy vehicle driver's license, one more step towards his goal to be a tour bus driver.
    • Malcolm has finished another year of uni – please pray for wisdom as he chooses between various options for studies next year, including the possibility of an internship.