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Today we pray for our missions partners, Brent and Shelley Weeks in Australia. 

Brent and Shelly serve with SonSet Solutions which spreads the gospel throughout the Asia Pacific via short wave radio. Brent provides technical support for the studio and broadcast facilities while Shelley produces and schedules audio programming from numerous partners. 

  • We pray for a diagnosis and healing as Shelley is experiencing symptoms related to a swollen optic nerve. She has a second visit with a neuro ophthalmologist on Tuesday, 27 April.
  • We also pray for Brent & Shelley as they plan to head to Kununurra for a few months (the site of the actual short wave transmitters) to get up to speed on transmitter maintenance and the general operations at the Kununurra property.
  • We join the family in thanks for the answers to prayer for their sons:
    • Malcolm is quite happy that he can do all biochemistry labs on campus this semester. He's also blessed with part-time work on the side.
    • Nelson's part-time tourism guiding course finally began in mid-March, after over a year of cancellations and postponements. Meanwhile, his employer has been happy for him to reduce from full-time to three days a week to accommodate his studies.