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Today we pray for our missionaries Matt and Aimee Allen working with Intervarsity in Halifax,  Nova Scotia.  They work with students at Dalhousie and Mount St. Vincent Universities and now have begun a new outreach at Saint Mary’s. Here’s an update from Aimee:
  • University schools have moved online for the first month of the semester in light of Omicron. And for students there is a mixed bag of responses. Please pray that for the start of the semester, they can turn to God for guidance and endurance. Additionally, for us staff to creatively meet students' needs of community, while also responsibly meeting given Nova Scotia's bubble of 10 people guidelines.  
  • My next school intensive (for my Master’s Program) starts Jan. 3! Please pray that I am present to hear the wisdom God has for me in my classes, and the ability to reflect and internalize the material in order to serve His Kingdom. 
  • And for Matt, for God to sustain him as he carries a little more burden caring for me during my intensive and the ministry in Nova Scotia. 
  • For students at SMU (Saint Mary's University), the group is small and in it's infancy. Pray for God's care and guidance, especially when we as staff do not know how best to love students there quite yet.