Matt & Aimee have been working as Inter-Varsity Campus Ministers for 5 and 4 years respectively.
In our more youthful years, Matt & Aimee were involved with Inter-Varsity, both at camps and on the campus.

From those transformative times, we felt called to join this organization who has a passion to see the next generation of leaders come to know who Jesus is, and in turn be influencers in their context.         

Matt has been serving in Martinique, in the Caribbean, helping to grow the movement as it works with High school and University students. Aimee served in a restricted country from 2017-2020, helping to envision staff there to share the gospel and helping university students discover Jesus.

After getting married (in summer 2020) and a year of prayer and seeking God's leading, Matt and Aimee will be transitioning into a new role in student ministry with InterVarsity in Halifax. 

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Pray for M & A


  • We pray for Aimee as she starts her Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology and Society (MALTS) on May 24 - especially for energy to be in Zoom lectures for many hours of the day.
  • Wisdom from God as we continue to partner with the Local church and be attentive to their needs
  • That we have a solid marriage in God, and continue to work well together as a team