What does 'Shema' mean?

In this video, The Bible Project explains.

What is The Shema Project?

Our hope is that The Shema Project will be a time for each of us and all of us to get stuck into the Bible, to listen to God's Voice, and to do so in fellowship with one another.

Available for download below is The Shema Project Guide - which has a Bible reading plan that will take us from January - April 2021 - but crucially, walks through the development of a daily practice of meditation on Scripture and listening to God.

Parts of the plan call for individual study and reflection, but other parts pose the challenge to reflect on Scripture and listen to God in community with others. We hope that this will be a great resource for established small groups or friendship groups to do together.

If you would like help connecting with a few others to journey through The Shema Project with, hit Join a Group below.