Worship is not just something we do with our voices.  We can worship God with our whole bodies and our whole lives!

Join Jessie-Anne as she explores What is Worship?

Below are a videos of Jessie-Anne and Elena leading us in worship dance, with simple actions during the chorus for the younger kids. Dancing during worship is a great way for kids to join in our times of corporate worship!

What is Worship

Pt. 1 - Nov 15

What is Worship

Pt. 2- Jan 3rd

What is Worship?

Pt 3 - Feb 14th

What is Worship?

March 14

Streamer Instructions

how to make your very own streamers

I Give You My Hallelujah

Hillsong Kids

Tell The World

by North Point Kids

Super Wonderful

By Yancey and Friends

You Are Good

by Hillsong Kids

For Your Glory

by The Life Church Kids Worship

When the World Shakes

by Hillsong Kids