After more than a year of biblical study, prayer, honest discussion, and listening to our congregation, our board of elders invited Scott Anderson (our lead pastor) to take a few Sundays in the early months of 2020 to teach on what the Bible says about women and leadership in the church. The first of these took place on Sunday, February 2, 2020 (all links below)

Our elders wrote a letter, unpacking the journey and heart behind this conversation, and this is available for download below, along with a page summarizing Lambrick's history on this topic, up till the present.

For those who missed it, in June 2019, Scott's teaching on Jesus' landmark visit to the home of Mary and Martha was something of a preface to this whole conversation - offering some guidance for the road ahead.  You can find the sermon here.

As with all of our weekly sermons, these teaching sessions are available online. You can find them on our sermon page, or by clicking the icons below.