On May 16th 2021, our membership voted on the Board’s proposal to open the door for women to serve on the Board of Elders (and remove the male-only language in our bylaws that enshrined this practice).

After two years of congregational conversation, 4 Sunday teachings that explored what the Bible teaches on women in church leadership, small group studies, theological study, pastoral letters on church history and biblical exegesis, a congregational meeting (on May 2nd), and a lot of prayer on the part of many a very strong representation of our members gathered on Zoom for our SGM, and the motion to make the amendment was approved with an 81% majority.

Chris Berghuis, our current Board Chair, closed the SGM with the comments: 

Even though a large majority of our members have affirmed their desire to see men and women serve as elders at our church, we recognize that there are some who disagree. We would like to walk alongside you with this transition over time and want you to know that you are, as always, loved as part of the LPC family.

As the Board, while we all move forward, we also ask for you to exercise unity and wisdom as we collectively digest this decision. We pray that you would continue to love and uphold each other, that you would continue to serve one another selflessly and that the love of Christ would be evident to all who encounter the LPC family.

If you are interested in the road that led us to make this change, we have linked teaching, letters and helpful resources below.

Concluding Documents

In the days after the membership vote, Scott Anderson and the Elders provide some closing comments, and we provide some data and further information about our verification processes.