Make Yourself At Home

If you've ever had someone new come into your family, you'll know it's a beautiful thing when everyone pitches in, especially when each person feels comfortable to contribute their ideas, skills, dreams and heart.

Below, learn about opportunities to serve in Lambrick life, both within the church, and with outreach ministries. If you would like to belong to any of these teams, get started with the form below!

If you think God might be leading you to serve our church or community in a way you haven't seen here, please let us know and we would love to pray with you and support you. To start the conversation, drop us a line at

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Belong to a team at Lambrick

Kids Ministry

Help introduce our littlest ones to Jesus and their church family. Contact person:

Plan, prepare, and lead kids through fun and silly activities to help reinforce that week's lesson.  Leaders at the elementary age serve 2 weeks on/2 weeks off in order to better build trust and relationship with the kids.  Leaders at the preschool age serve 1 week on/3 weeks off.

Help the leader by being an extra player in games that need even teams, an extra pair of hands to help with crafts, or a listening ear when the kids have stories to share. Helpers at the elementary age serve 2 weeks on/2 weeks off in order to better build trust and relationship with the kids.  Helpers at the preschool age serve 1 week on/3 weeks off.

Can't serve on a regular rotation, but willing to jump in if a volunteer is sick and unable to attend?  This is the role for you!  Join a roster of volunteers I can call on when I need someone to sub in for a regular volunteer. I have a feeling this year will require more substitutes than normal since we will all have to be more vigilant about any cold/flu symptoms.  

Hang out with our littlest (and sometimes a parent or 2)!  Provide a safe, welcoming space for babies and toddlers to experience God's love.  This can also be a great opportunity to meet and support new parents!  Volunteers serve 1 week on/3 weeks off.

Do you value Kids Ministry, want to support our wonderful leaders, and have some extra time before or after the service?  Help with things like moving tables and chairs, bringing nursery toys in and out.  Small things can add up to making a big difference in how supported everyone feels and how smoothly things run!

An opportunity to welcome families, letting kids know they are seen and welcomed.  This will also include helping parents with the sign-in process and getting new families registered.  

Worship Team

If you aren't sure how to do any of these roles yet, but would be willing to learn, we'd love to teach you! Contact person:

Helping with our service livestream

Operating the sound board, setting up mics etc

Operating the song lyrics and slides on the big screen

Hospitality Team

Helping each person feel loved and welcomed on a Sunday morning. Contact person:

Be the first to church and offer folks a smile and optional elbow bump as they arrive. Keep an eye out for newcomers, and help them find a friendly face to sit with.

After the church service, be present at the Connect Desk so folks can come to you with questions about church life - upcoming events, how to connect, how to join a team etc.

Before a communion service, fill 350 tiny cups with grape juice, and chop bread into tiny bitesized chunks. This task is unseen by many, but deeply appreciated by a few!

Who among us has been up, dressed and out the house before 10AM on a Sunday lately? The need for coffee in the coming season will be great. The refreshments team answers this important call and provides our church family with caffeinated delight.

Stick around after the service and pack away the chairs, so our Wiseways preschoolers have space to run and play through the week.

Lambrick Youth

Accompanying our young people as they discover a faith that is their own. This ministry happens mid-week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Contact person:

If you feel a calling to serve and minister to young people in our ministry, we are always looking for youth leaders! Relationships with older role models is essential in caring for students and discipling them as they learn to follow Jesus. We can’t promise that it won’t be frustrating, smelly, and messy at times, but we can promise that it will be worth it to see students grow in their faith. We meet nearly every week over the course of the school year with a few bigger events like ski trips and camp.

Aside from youth leaders, we are also always in need of extra help for specific events. If you’d like to offer your occasional service as a baker, driver, or chaperone for events, then please let us know and we'll add you to the list! Even baking cupcakes for events communicates to students that they are loved by the Church.

Serve with an Outreach Ministry
Contact person: Simon G at