What to expect when attending a Bible study at Lambrick Park Church

As we resume some in-person community life groups at LPC, we wanted to provide a bit of information about how we can continue to keep each other safe, and what to expect when attending an in-person Bible study. These guidelines have been formed based on the government guidance that can be found on this webpage .  

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, please. We strongly recommend that masks are worn at all times in the Lambrick building - but during the week, this is also a provincially mandated requirement. There are, of course allowed exceptions to this rule, such as:

  • anyone who is less than 9 years of age;
  • anyone who is unable to wear a face covering because of
    • a psychological, behavioural or health condition, or
    • a physical, cognitive or mental impairment;
  • anyone who is unable to put on or remove a face covering without the assistance of another person;
  • if the face covering is removed temporarily for the purposes of identifying the visitor wearing it;
  • anyone is consuming food or drink while seated;
  • while communicating with a person for whom visual cues, facial expressions, lip-reading or lip movements are essential
  • anyone who is delivering a presentation (e.g. if your Bible study has an in-person teacher) - providing they are 2m away from everyone else while presenting

This page has some really helpful information regarding mask wearing, for those wanting to know more. 

Do I have to register?

No, but it will help your group leader if they know in advance you are coming. If you are coming for the first time and aren't sure how to contact your group leader, please email office@lambrick.com and we'll be happy to connect you.

What about a vaccination passport?

No. We do support getting the vaccine if you can, but vaccination passports aren't required for religious gatherings or indoor gatherings of less than 50 people - and your Bible study will probably be both!

Do we have to socially distance?

Again, we encourage this. Social distancing is an effective way of stopping the spread of Covid-19. But if you feel led to lay a hand on someone’s shoulder to pray for or comfort them, we bless you to do so (just check they're ok with this first).

Can we sing?

Yes! But please keep your mask on if you are wearing one.

Will there be refreshments provided?

No, unless your group leader says otherwise. However you are welcome to bring your own beverage. 

How can I support my group leader?

Abide by the protocols they are asking you to follow. If they are a little stricter than we have outlined here, there may be someone in the group who has requested this for their safety. Adhering to the protocols requested of us is a great way to show love to one another at this time. If you would like to discuss the protocols for your group further, please contact the office and we'd be happy to help.

Also, there may be some extra responsibilities required of your group leader at this time, such as chair setup or cleaning procedures. If you might be able to support them with this, please do check in with them and offer to help.