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After two years' break, we are pleased to announce that the Women's Christmas Tea will be going ahead, on Saturday November 19.

This event is a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbours into the church building, to show love and hospitality, and get in the mood for the Christmas season! 

There is good food, a market with local vendors for Christmas shopping, a guest speaker, entertainment, fellowship - and even door prizes.

But we need lots of hands to make it happen!

We need people to host a table - bring your favourite dishes to set up a beautiful table, and make people feel welcome.

We need helping hands - to assist with set up and food prep on Nov 18 and/or 19

and we need vendors for the Christmas market.

If you would like to help in one of these ways, please fill out the form below, speak to Debbie McMullen, or email .

Click here to volunteer

Tickets will be going on sale on October 30, and will be available at