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In the light of growing concerns about the omicron variant, as well as anticipated increased social gathering over the holiday season, this week the BC govt amended the COVID restrictions for faith gatherings - requiring masks for all (which we were already doing), and limiting gatherings to 50% capacity

Consequently, starting this Sunday, we will limited to 225 attendees for our in-person Sunday service. Being that some are still opting to worship from home and join us via the live-stream (or pre-recorded Kids Ministry videos!), our in-person attendance has yet to cross this new threshold. We are thankful to continue to be able to gather, and are committed to doing all we can to be a safe place for all who want to attend.

A few suggestions for this Sunday:
Try to come 5-10 minutes early - to sign in and find a seat.
Plan to enter through one of the main entrances, where a greeter is stationed - for the sake of counting.
If you are showing any signs of sickness, please stay home - and reach out to others for support. 

Thank you for all you are doing to care for others in these challenging times. 
The Lambrick leadership team (staff + elders)