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This Sunday - head to at 10AM, and we can watch our pre-recorded Sunday Service together as a church community.


  1. What if I'm late? It happens to all of us - especially in these crazy days! If you tune in close to, but after 10AM, you will see what everyone else is seeing. So, for example, if you tune in at 10:10AM, your video will start 10 minutes in. If you would like to restart the video you can - just move the progress bar back to the beginning of the video as with any usual Youtube video. Of course, then you won't be watching 'live' with everyone else, and some of us have found in the past that doing this occasionally causes Youtube to crash and the page needs to be refreshed.
  2. What if I miss the whole service? No worries! The service will still be posted as usual on our Sermon Pageif you don't see it there right away, please be patient - it may just be taking a few minutes to upload.