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Beginning on May 1st, inspired by this being our 50th anniversary year, we want to invite our whole church to pray together everyday for 50 days - for God's continued work in us, and among us, and through us - in Gordon Head, Victoria and the world.

And so over the next few weeks, we are inviting you to send in short testimonies of one way that God has used Lambrick to spark, fuel, renew or sustain your faith in Christ.  All with the aim of encouraging one another with what God has done, and inviting us to pray together for more.


The ask:  How God has used Lambrick to spark, fuel, restore or sustain your faith?

  • Could you tell us simply in 100-150 words?
  • And that invite us to pray for more!  (i.e. complete the sentence, "Let's pray together today for _____________________."
  • Ideally, attach a photo/quick selfie/headshot (more BeReal than Instagram worthy).

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