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Our friend Alan Clemens is needing support from members in our church community to get him to and from church on Sunday morning. 
Alan is confined to a motorized wheelchair and is unable to move about on his own anymore. Therefore we are looking for interested people to:
  1. Learn how to manipulate Alan's chair. Jocelyn Tessemaker will be able to teach you how to do so.
  2. Possibly ride with Alan on the HandiDart bus to and from church on a Sunday morning. This is very easy to do. It requires you to meet Alan at his residence and then ride on the HandiDart bus with him to the church. The driver will load Alan and get him off of the bus. It’s really just to go along as a friend. Another option is…
  3. Meet Alan at the church when he arrives on the HandiDart bus, help him get into the building with his wheelchair and then back outside the church to board the HandiDart bus back to his residence after the service. 
If you are interested in supporting Alan in any of these ways, please contact Jocelyn Tessemaker (contact information available in the church directory) or the church office.