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Our missionary Jenn Taylor is in Iquique, Chile telling people about Jesus and working with Florece - a prenatal & family counselling centre. Chile is currently featured in world news as what began as peaceful protest of Chileans from all walks of life to gain government's ear on issues of legitimate social and economic equality have become increasingly violent. Please pray for safety for Jenn and her colleagues and all missions groups working in Chile, for wisdom and restraint on all sides, and for the security of the the newly opened Florece facility. 

From Jenn (on Wednesday) :

Although we had less violence and fire lighting during the day, this evening has seen some big blazes, road blocks and 1000’s of people out on the streets.

Our new building has remained completely unharmed as of this afternoon, and we praise the Lord for that.

I make sure I’m home by dark each day and don’t go anywhere further than 2km from home by myself, even during the day. Although anger is not aimed at foreigners at this point, we are still mostly trying to stay out of the way!!

Please continue to pray for this country, the government and the issues that need to be figured out. And pray that those who are causing problems and hurting the cause of the people would stop.


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