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This week, we pray for the Alpha course. Lambrick has partnered with Alpha Canada over many years  to deliver ten week courses of talks and discussions which provided an opportunity for participants to explore the meaning of life and the basics of Christianity. Many in Lambrick came to faith, or were re-ignited in their faith through Alpha. 

God continues to touch lives through Alpha Courses in Canada, which has now had over 1 million guests explore Christianity. Last year, 5000 Alpha Courses were hosted nationwide, hosting 120,000 guests, ultimately seeing 28,000 people follow Jesus. We praise God for this effective format to share the gospel, and for the impact it has made in our community over the years.

Please pray for:·

- An upcoming Alpha course at UVIC that LPC is supporting

- An opportunity to run an Alpha course in an additional Gordon Head retirement community

- A potential Alpha course at LPC in January 2020

- Please also prayerfully consider if there is someone you could invite to an Alpha Course at Lambrick in 2020.

“80% of guests come to Alpha because they are invited by a Christian that they are in relationship with already”