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This week we pray for Celo and Kelly Gahaya, who run Lighthouse Counselling and Training Centre in Kigali, Rwanda. Here's the latest from Celo and Kelly:
Thanks for always caring for us and supporting us. It is always good to know that our LPC family is standing with us in prayer.
1) Corona virus has now hit Rwanda. We have 5 confirmed cases from various different areas. The infected people flew in on various flights from London, India and Qatar. We are concerned that those infected may have infected many others on those planes, as upon arrival they did not know they had the virus. Please pray for Rwanda's ability to contain the virus and not have it spread any further. Rwanda is taking great precautions to prevent the spread. all schools, churches and public gatherings have been closed or cancelled. As a result we have also closed Lighthouse for the next 2 weeks, with counselling sessions being done remotely via skype or WhatsApp. People are obviously quite scared here as well. But we are trying to trust God that things will get better soon.
2) Since we have to close Lighthouse for 2 weeks, please pray for the financial stability of our organization. By not having sessions over the next few weeks we put oursleves into a negative financial situation and our landlord has just made a significant increase in our monthly rent. Please pray that some of our clients will agree to do their counselling sessions via skype in order to not only have a continuity of service for them, but also to ensure that we are receiving the income that we need to keep the doors of Lighthouse open.
3) Please pray for the finalization of our adoption. It is going to the court this week. We need proper paper work for her (birth certificate and passport) as soon as possible so that we can be able to travel or leave the country if needed.
4) Pray for our family's health to stay strong.