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Lambrick has partnered with Alpha Canada for many years, to invite people to explore God and the Christian faith in a welcoming environment. We are excited to see this mission flourishing this year. There are four Alpha courses beginning this January with which Lambrick is affiliated:

  • Alpha for LPC Youth: “We will have our first session next Wednesday night (Jan. 22) with a pizza snack. Pray for the teens that are attending and that the regulars will be bold enough to invite some friends” - Glen Kyle - Visit the Youth Alpha Event Page
  • Alpha for Seniors: We have had two sessions so far with our neighbours at the Victorian retirement residence. Please pray for the more than 13 seniors who are hungry for a relationship with God. One asked, “Why am I still here and my daughter has passed away?”
  • [email protected]: Due to the snow, this Alpha's first session has been postponed for one week, so will kick off next Wednesday January 22nd. We are expecting about 30 participants. Give thanks for the collaboration between the University Christian Ministry (UCM), LPC, and Canvas Church. Please pray for the hosts as they are leading Alpha for the first time.
  • Home Alpha at John Catterall’s house: Starting Monday, January 20th. Please pray for the participants who are signed up to come.