Sue Priestley is a long-term missionary with Operation Mobilization (OM) - serving in their International Operations for many years, and now serving in a leadership role with OM Canada.  Here is an update from Sue as we continue to pray for her:

I went to  Pakistan in January – the opportunity to visit and see the work happening there came up very quickly.  I was asked by their leadership team to come and help assess how they are doing in leading and developing the people working with them.  I was blown away by all they do!  Don’t believe all that the media says about Pakistan.  God is at work there and He has some faithful people sharing about Jesus in many creative ways.  

I have joined the leadership team of OM in Canada, serving as an ‘associate field leader’ (or national director).  I am one of 3 on the leadership group and enjoy working with James (US) and Simon (UK).  Right now we are working on a risk assessment for the field and ensuring we have looked at and considered how to mitigate risks identified.  We also will work on developing response plans for some of the more serious risks identified.  This is not a ‘fun’ project, but important to do as we have Canadians serving around the world.  

OM Canada is paying fresh attention to how we can see many more Canadians mobilized for world mission.  We want to review our systems and processes and identify any that need to be changed, so as to serve the plans and purposes of OM in our mission to see the gospel going out to the 2.5 billion people who do not live within access  of a church, or even one Jesus follower.  

This year it is 40 years since I joined OM!  It is humbling to recognize I could not have stayed all this time without the many faithful friends who have prayed and supported and encouraged me all along the way.