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Tristen Schuh has been part of Lambrick since he moved to Victoria in 2018 to study Civil Engineering at UVic. 

Earlier this year, Tristen responded to the MET's invitation to support Lambrick young adults in engaging with short term mission opportunities. He is now preparing to serve with The Mustard Seed this summer.

Tristen says: 

"As a civil engineering student, I am interested in how the projects I design can affect communities and individuals. However, in such a demanding and theory-heavy degree, it is easy to lose sight of this connection and forget why and for whom I am designing for. I see local missions as a way to reconnect with the needs of people that are the most in need and serve them in a tangible way."

Click here to read Tristen's latest prayer letter, and find out more about what he is doing and how you can support him!