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Christmas is Coming!  

Christmas will obviously look different this year… But Jesus will still be celebrated. We can still bask in the hope that He brings We can still dwell in His love that was so profound that it led Him to leave heaven for us.  

And we can still have the kids participate in telling this marvelous story!  

My hope this year is to have the kids help me animate the Christmas story.  Similar to the videos we use on Sunday, I would like the kids to create the people, angels, scenery, etc. that will show while a voiceover tells the story.  It will be simpler than the videos our curriculum provides, but it will be a video they get to create.  

If your child(ren) would be interested in helping, please let me know by November 15.   

They will then be assigned a person, angel, scenery backdrop, etc. that they will get to create a 2D version of (ie. With construction paper).  Further instructions will also be given at that time.  

Please let me know by November 15!