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Our service will look a little different this Sunday!

Our board of Elders are initiating a practice of 'Holy Conversations' - as we consider what it means to be Lambrick Park Church, with a mission of Life With God For the World’.

Following our sermon from Mark de Leeuw, who will be continuing our 'Life with God for the World' series, we will be splitting into small huddles, where facilitators will be inviting everyone to share their thoughts and perspective on:

  1. What brought you to Lambrick Park Church and made you want to call it home?
  2. What is something you have found helpful for your spiritual growth from the Lambrick community? (Or, What are you presently thanking God for at Lambrick?)
  3. What is something/some area you feel we need to grow in as a church community?

This is just the very start of a developing practice of sharing and listening. We are very excited about it!

If you are joining us in person - we don't expect the service to last any longer than usual. You don't need to bring anything special along with you - just come with a heart ready to connect and engage.

If you are joining us online - Lucy Rosenberg will be facilitating the same conversation that will be happening in the room, via Zoom. Register below to receive the Zoom link, and Lucy will start the meeting a few moments after the sermon has finished.


(registration has now closed)