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As we are digging into our new sermon series, 'All Things New', we would like to share this collection of poems by Carlie Wilcox, from our Lambrick family. 

Carlie writes:

I met Jesus in 2016 and since then the Holy Spirit’s work in me has often felt as if I am enduring an archeological dig. There are treasures buried below and they must be retrieved, carefully extracted and polished.

This is the site where I have dumped everything down below the surface for safe-keeping. As if digging deeper through soil, soil that at first was very dry and hard, God guides me through the process of removing what I like to call rocks, boulders and gunk, painful matter that has accumulated over time. The gunk consists of faulty beliefs about myself, God, and others, horrible memories of unprocessed trauma, and the likes. Excavation or de-gunking is slow and challenging work, but it is essential if I want more than just eternal life in heaven.



Great Excavation by Carlie Wilcox by Lambrick Park