Connect (Please see the attached schedule for event list)

Connect gathers Wednesday evenings and seeks to engage and encourage our Grade 9 – 12 students in personalizing their faith. Our goal is to weekly re-connect with God and each other in a world where we can feel distant from God. We also have insane amounts of fun and serve our god together. PDF current schedule available at the bottom of this page.


Connect also seeks to engage in our community to connect with our world. We do things like rake and run, adopt a block and loving our community in practical ways. We hope to make an impact on our community both locally and globally by seeking to engage in opportunities that God lays on the hearts of students. Every student has the opportunity to shape what we do to reach our world so come to us with your ideas and let get to doing what God calls us to!

Connect Community

Every third week we meet in smaller groups to connect. We want you to have a small community of friends that you can pray with and create memories with.

Route 66 Bible Study

This is where we get to study the 66 books of the Bible. We want to create a route for you to know who Jesus is, let him speak to us and we eat some yummy breakfast too!


Shine is an event which creates a space for young women to embrace who they are as a creation of the Living God, and to live to their fullest God-given potential. Discussing all sorts of themes such as; beauty, healthy living, and relationships. Shine is held on a quarterly basis and dates will be posted as they become available.

Connect Schedule

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