Carlie Wilcox, who leads our Women's Gatherings says:

Come and imagine with me for a moment.

Imagine a place to gather with women of all ages and backgrounds. A community where women can come as they are. Be honest, real, not fully put-together, tired, vulnerable. A place where it is safe to stay quiet, to ask big questions, to lean in as little or as much as you want. Where it is safe to laugh or cry.

Imagine discussions that are healthy, vibrant gritty, inspiring. A time for prayer and a time for worship through music. Imagine women all coming together to lean into God more, and to lean into one another more; learning, growing, healing, together.

Picture a fire burning. And water flowing. And healthy things transpiring. A place where women still seeking - not yet, or just having met Jesus - alongside seasoned Christians and everyone in-between.

This is a place where God's presence is electric, alive and available.

This is what God is doing in the Women's Gatherings. It is so encouraging to be a part of God working and moving mightily and beautifully in our midst.

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