In December of 2018, we raised $19866, absolutely smashing our target of $9200!

Here is how it will make a difference...

Mahima Homes works for the long-term rehabilitation of the women and children who work and live in the red-light district in Kolkata (Sonagachi). They focus on the rescue and restoration of sex trafficking victims, and the prevention of re-trafficking. Lambrick Park Church has been connected with Mahima Homes through Partners International, which supports worldwide mission by mobilizing Christians into partnership with indigenous Christian Ministries.

The Ashaloy Centre, House of Hope, is a facility run by Mahima Homes. There they focus specifically on long-term ministry, equipping women and children from Sonagachi with the holistic care they need to stay free of the sex trade. They offer weekly counselling sessions and employment advice. For children, the centre runs music therapy sessions and computer training and other forms of practical, emotional support. In addition, the centre runs a weekly health check-up and HIV clinic for the residents of the Sonagachi community.  

For the last two years, the centre has been operating out of a rented space, but earlier this year, the landlord unexpectedly asked them to leave. A permanent building from which the centre can operate has been identified, but funds need to be raised for its purchase and renovation. The new building will be on the outskirts of Sonagachi, making it accessible to all who reside in the red-light district. Building ownership would provide the stability and security that is vital to long term ministry. There is a gap of $92,000 between the cost of the purchase and renovation and what has already been raised by Mahima Homes’ local ministry partner, JKPS. We want to raise 10% of this, or $9,200, to support this important ministry to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

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