Special Events

Throughout the year, we will offer special mid-week events for kids of all ages!  These are opportunities for kids to explore their faith with a bit more freedom of movement (and noise levels) than is practical on a Sunday morning.  Check out the various options below!


A group specifically for kids in Grade 4-5.  This group will be loud and wild, with youth group style games, snacks, and Jesus!  

Join us January 22, March 5, and May 7 in the youth room from 6:30-7:30

Treasure Hunters

For kids in Kindergarten-Grade 3!  Explore what it means to follow Jesus through games and activities that include lots of movement and imagination throughout the building!

Join us Februrary 12, April 9, and May 28 at the youth entrance from 6-7


Our Sunday morning kids’ church has way more boys than girls, so this will be a chance for the girls to band together as we explore our faith through art, science, storytelling, and adventure!

Join us February 26, April 30, and June 11 at the youth entrance from 6-7

Sensory Play

In partnership with Friendship Community Church and 'Bin Explorin', these offer an introduction to God’s love and goodness through fun experiences in the church as littles explore the world through their senses.  Stations will be set up that you can take your children through, encouraging their development.

Join us January 23 and March 13 in the cafe at Lambrick Park Church between 9:30-1

Join us February 4 and April 8 at Friendship Community Church between 9:30-1

Join us May 29 at Gyro Beach, Cadboro Bay between 10-noon

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