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Let’s be honest; life is busy... and work, commitments, the house, the phone, and your dog may get more attention than your marriage.

The even crazier thing is that we can easily be ok with that. Marriage Matters will be a time to hit the pause button on the crazy and spend time investing in the amazing partner you are sharing life with.  We have an opportunity to use our marriage to reflect God’s love for us to the world in the way we love each other.

Marriage Matters is designed using curriculum from Grace Marriage which includes workbooks and an online resource library. The cost for the 2023 calendar year is $130 per couple for ten sessions (1 per month, excluding summer). That’s a similar cost to a counselling session, a nice dinner out, or signing your kid up for swim lessons. This will be a place to be reminded that your spouse is the most important horizontal relationship you have. It is worth investing your time and attention to cultivate a great life together. 

This is not a lecture. It is not marriage counselling or group therapy. It is not a seminar or conference. It is not a place where you will be forced to share your deepest secrets. Quite simply, it is time in a small group to read Biblically-based marriage lessons (ie. gratitude, intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, spiritual growth, dating) as a group, then you and your spouse will talk about how it applies to your own marriage…one-on-one.

We’ll be meeting at Lambrick Park Church for the current session on the following Monday evenings from 7 - 8:30pm.

  • September 11, October 23, November 13, December 11. 

Registration is now open online. You can also register with Mark deLeeuw in the foyer after the Sunday morning service.