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Marriage is hard! Sometimes. It can also be so much fun... So enticing... So life-giving... So rewarding...Sometimes.

In marriage, we come face to face with all the ways we aren't who we want to be... and then blame our spouses for not being who we wish they were. It can get messy quick.But marriage matters. To God, to the world, to children, and to people who are married! These Marriage Matters evenings are designed for couples to intentionally work on their marriages. They involve teaching, reflection, communication, and goal-setting to help couples enhance and solidify this central relationship in life. 

October 24 – We’re starting our Marriage Matters series by crafting a theology of marriage. Does it matter? Why? What does God think of marriage? What might we think? Why is our culture seemingly so opposed to marriage? We’ll journey together through these questions and others, examining Scripture, historical wisdom, and our own experiences.

November 28 – Our second Marriage Matters evening will focus on conflict resolution, a central aspect of any marriage. Conflict can be a “frenemy” in any marriage; a necessary step into meaningful dialogue about differing opinions and feelings, but sometimes an adversary to the health and life of the relationship. What works with conflict resolution? And more importantly, what doesn’t? 

For more information on Marriage Matters, contact Mark deLeeuw or the church office.