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In the spring myself and a bunch of the young adult men got together for a bonfire on a Saturday evening and the following morning at church there was a visible boost in relationship. So, we decided that if that's what a regular bonfire could do, how much more could God use a Bible study. The goal of this Bible study is to bind the young men of Lambrick together as brothers through the study of God's Word. Hopefully as this group solidifies more guys will be able to come and bring friends, especially new students in the area. The study will likely bounce around between apologetics, theology, evangelism, finance, leadership and other subjects with a focus on Biblical truth. I want to learn and help others learn what it truly means to be a Godly man by focusing on who we are, and then how that translates into what we do. God willing, the Holy Spirit will honour that and bear fruit through this group.

- Kyle on his heart behind this small group

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